I was born in Voorburg, the Netherlands, and have enjoyed music, writing and theatre all my life. After high school I completed the Vrije Jaar at the Bernard Lievegoed College for Liberal Arts, during which I was accepted at the BA World Performance in Southend-on-Sea. So at 19 years of age I moved to the United Kingdom to study at East 15 Acting School. In 2016 I graduated as an actor-musician. I created and performed in several shows, both as an actor and music director.

I thoroughly enjoyed performing yet often I was left wondering what exactly had been the experience of the audience. Music, rather than Dutch or English, feels to me as my native language and I wished to explore how to share this with others at a deeper level. In 2018, I returned to the Netherlands and started the MA Music Therapy at Codarts. Here, my love for the arts and my wish to contribute to society and fellow human beings truly came together. During the master I started my teaching practice and after completing the course, internship and thesis I started working as a music therapist for elderly with dementia and psychiatric disorders at the nursery home Florence.

Both of my jobs fill me with pleasure, give me inspiration and continue to make me marvel at the power, beauty and humanity of music.